Dr Riikka Linnakoski

Postdoctoral Fellow


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Research Profiles

The general objective of my research has been to provide more information on associations between ophiostomatoid fungi, bark beetles and the commercially most important tree species in the boreal forests of Finland and neighboring Russia. Results from our previous studies provide the most comprehensive investigation of its kind conducted in the Northern Europe thus far, including both tree-killing and non-tree-killing bark beetles typical to the region. So far, only a small portion of bark beetle species existing in the boreal forests have been studied and the sampling does not cover the whole diversity of the habitats. The outcome of our survey work indicates that it is likely that even many of the relatively common ophiostomatoid species have yet to be discovered and described. These results emphasize the importance of developing a clear understanding of the possible threats of moving timber and wood products without knowledge of the micro-organisms that might also be moved.

My current project entitled as “Bark beetle-associated fungi: diversity, pathogenicity and risks related to timber trade and climate change” will link the studies of the diversity of insect-fungus symbioses to the studies regarding the potential risks involved in these associations. The aim of the project is to build on my previous work of bark beetle and tree-infesting ophiostomatoid fungi and take this research to the next level. In the project I will address the following research questions:

a)   What is the taxonomic diversity of ophiostomatoid fungi in boreal forests?

b)  How do climate change induced bark beetle outbreaks affect beetle-associated fungal communities and which fungal species have the highest potential as pathogens?

c)   What is the pathogenicity of ophiostomatoid fungi under climate change scenarios?

d)  What is the pathogenic potential of bark-beetle associated fungi on non-native host trees?

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Linnakoski R, Forbes KM, Wingfield MJ, Pulkkinen P, Asiegbu FO. (2017) Testing projected climate change conditions on the Endoconidiophora polonica / Norway spruce pathosystem shows fungal strain specific effects. Frontiers in Plant Science 8:883. 10.3389/fpls.2017.00883 PDF
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