Mr Rudi Pretorius

MSc student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Primary Supervisor
Lucy Moleleki
Lucy Moleleki

I am currently completing my MSc. degree in microbiology under the supervision of Dr. Lucy Moleleki and Prof. Jaqcue Theron.

My project focuses on the creation of a Quorum sensing mutant in Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliense and determining the phenotypic traits associated with the global regulator within this bacterium.

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Moleleki LN, Pretorius RG, Tanui CK, Mosina G, Theron J. (2016) A quorum sensing‚Äźdefective mutant of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliense 1692 is attenuated in virulence and unable to occlude xylem tissue of susceptible potato plant stems. Molecular Plant Pathology 10.1111/mpp.12372