Dr Tania Weller-Stuart

Postdoctoral Fellow


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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After obtaining a BSc. degree in Microbiology, I continued with my studies and did a Honours degree in Microbiology. The research conducted during my Honours project involved studying the microbial quality of the Pretoria Zoo's Aquarium's tanks. My MSc study investigated the role that pili and fimbriae play in epiphytic attachment of Pantoea ananatis to Eucalyptus leaves. The research conducted during the course pf my PhD focused on ascertaining the role of swimming and twitching motility in the attachment and virulence of P. ananatis in onion seedlings. As an extension of this work I am taking a closer look at the role of the flagella in virulence in P. ananatis.

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Weller-Stuart T, De Maayer P, Coutinho T. (2017) Pantoea ananatis: genomic insights into a versatile pathogen. Molecular Plant Pathology 18(9):1191-1198. 10.1111/mpp.12517
Weller-Stuart T, Toth I, De Maayer P, Coutinho T. (2017) Swimming and twitching motility are essential for attachment and virulence of Pantoea ananatis in onion seedlings. Molecular Plant Pathology 18(5):734-745. 10.1111/mpp.12432
Weller-Stuart T, Chan W-Y, Coutinho TA, Venter SN, Smits THM, Duffy B, Goszczynska T, Cowan DA, de Maayer P. (2014) Draft genome sequences of the onion center rot pathogen Pantoea ananatis PA4 and maize brown stalk rot pathogen P. ananatis BD442. Genome Announcements 2(4) e00750-14