Ms Bianca Jardim

MSc student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Primary Supervisor
Bernard Slippers

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I completed my BSc degree in 2014, majoring in Genetics and Microbiology at the University of Pretoria. I then completed my BSc (Hons) in Genetics in 2015, working in the Midge Molecular Research group. I am currently enrolled for an MSc (Genetics) degree under the supervision of Prof. Bernard Slippers and Dr Wilma Fick at the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) to further broaden my knowledge and set of skills in various molecular and bioinformatics techniques.


My MSc project aims to characterise the sex determination systems of the invasive wasp, Sirex noctilio (Hymenoptera: Siricoidea), an insect that serves as a great threat to the pine forestry industry, causing damage to these forest plantations in South Africa as well as globally.


Since the sexual reproductive system of an insect influences its invasion process and success, a better understanding of these systems in invasive insects is crucial.




Ethics, Sexuality and Gender Symposium [24 Mar. 2018]      

-    Place: Prinshof, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, GAUTENG

-    What: Invited speaker


Genomics Research Institution (GRI) Symposium [13 Oct. 2017]       

-    Place: Hatfield, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, GAUTENG

-    What: Oral Presentation


Sirex Genome Jamboree lead by Dr Robert M. Waterhouse [13 – 29 Mar. 2017]

-    Place: Hatfield, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, GAUTENG

-    What: Oral Presentation


Genomics Research Institution (GRI) Symposium [18 Nov. 2016]

-    Place: Hatfield, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, GAUTENG

-    What: Poster Presentation


Sirex Symposium [15 Nov. 2016]

-    Place: University of Pretoria, Pretoria, GAUTENG

-    What: Oral Presentation


SA Genetics Society & SA Society for Bioinformatics Joint Conference [20 – 23 Sep. 2016]

-    Place: University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, KWAZULU-NATAL

-    What: Poster Presentation


My Galeries

Cape field trip - August 2018


Blue skies and burnt trees

PhD candidate Darryl Herron shares his experiences on a recent field trip to the Cape.

FABIans reflect on the applications of Next Generation Sequencing on their research at NGS Information Day

The Ion Torrent sequencing facility at the University of Pretoria held a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Information Day at the Plant Sciences Auditorium on 19 September.

Ethics, Gender and Sexuality Symposium: FABIan at a Celebration of Diversity

The Ethics, Gender and Sexuality Symposium was held on 24 March at the University of Pretoria's Faculty of Health Sciences and was chaired by Prof Michael Pepper. Photo caption:  From left to right: Prof MS Pepper, Ms B Jardim, Prof JA Nel, Prof G Lindeque, Dr G Grobler, Mrs M Crewe, Dr E Moshokua.

FABI represented at 2017 North Gauteng Senior Science Fair

Eight FABIans served on the judging panel of the North Gauteng Senior Science Fair at the University of Pretoria’s LC de Villiers Sports Campus on 18 August.