Ms Daniela Cares

MSc student


Zoology and Entomology
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Primary Supervisor
Bernard Slippers

Co Supervisor
Jeff Garnas

My interest is focused on biotechnology tools applied in forests´plantations. I completed my degree as Plant Biotechnology Engineering in Universidad de Concepción from Chile, one the top ranked universities from Latin America. Along my studies, I was very interested in forestry biotechnology, but one day I realized that pests´ impact in my country were really important, and they were factor that do not allow keep trees healthy. That was the beginning. Since then I´ve been working with pests that attack forest plantations in Chile, combining molecular tools and DNA data to reach details for develop accurate information useful for its control or management in the future. 

Currently, my MSc is addressed to figure out patterns of movements of G. brimblecombei, one of the most common Eucalyptus trees pests (red gum trees) which is present around the world and also being added into some lists as one the most important pests attacking Eucalyptus plantations.