Mr Maythasith Konkarn

PhD student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Co Supervisor
Mike Wingfield

 I am an agricultural scientist from Department of Agriculture, Thailand. I obtained an M.Sc. in plant pathology from Chiang Mai University, Thailand. At present I am on study leave to do my Ph.D. at FABI, University of Pretoria, in collaboration with The Mushroom Research Foundation, Thailand (

My project focuses on the Ophiostomatalean fungi associated with pine-infesting beetles in Thailand and Bhutan. The aim of the research is to isolate and identify fungal associates of bark and ambrosia beetles infesting pine species native to Thailand and Bhutan. New species will be described based on morphological features and DNA sequences of various gene regions. Where needed, unresolved taxonomic issues in species groups of the Ophiostomatales that are related to the Thailand , Bhutan and all isolates around the world, will also be addressed.

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