Dr Elsie Cruywagen

Postdoctoral Fellow


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Research Profiles

 I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Tree Protection Cooperative Programme (TPCP) where I am continuing my work on fungi occurring on baobab (Adansonia) trees. My main interest is in mycology and specifically fungi occurring on plants and plant products. I completed my PhD in plant pathology on the fungi occurring on baobab and specifically those that are pathogenic to these trees. Part of my project looked at the endophytic fungi occurring on baobab trees in Africa and Madagascar and to compare these to the fungi found on baobab trees in Australia. The identity of the black fungi colonising stressed baobab trees was also determined as well as some novel fungal species that was growing on wounds on baobab trees in South Africa and Madagascar.

The project that I worked on for my MSc was on fungi causing decay of wooden utility poles in South Africa. The survey was conducted across a range of different climatic and soil conditions. Approximately 450 isolates was obtained and had to be identified. The main groups isolated were inoculated onto wood to determine which of the fungi caused decay. Several new fungal species were described from this work.

Export to RIS
Cruywagen EM, Slippers B, Roux J, Wingfield MJ. (2017) Phylogenetic Species Recognition and hybridisation in Lasiodiplodia: A case study on species from baobabs. Fungal Biology 121(4):420-436. 10.1016/j.funbio.2016.07.014
Cruywagen EM, Crous PW, Roux J, Slippers B, Wingfield MJ. (2015) Fungi associated with black mould on baobab trees in southern Africa. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 108(1):85-95. 10.1007/s10482-015-0466-7
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