Mr Lazarus Takawira

PhD student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Primary Supervisor
Steven Hussey

Co Supervisor
Eshchar Mizrachi
Zander Myburg

My PhD research aims to decipher transcriptional regulatory networks involved in secondary cell wall biogenesis in Eucalyptus grandis. Eucalyptus exhibits unique woody traits which makes it an ideal model plant species for wood formation studies.  These networks can be predicted through the integration of known cis-elements of key secondary cell wall-related transcription factors and conserved non-coding sequence data.

This exploratory approach provides a framework for understanding regulatory architecture of wood formation, particularly of secondary cell wall biogenesis.  This study aims to characterize novel cis-elements in a bid to reconstruct and describe extensive secondary cell wall-related transcriptional regulatory networks. The described networks will contribute to future work on wood formation biology by providing a platform for future hypothesis generation, characterization of novel interactions and integration with systems genetics.